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Ceramic Services Open House - June 07, 2008

I want to thank Lenny Larson and his "clay family" for inviting me to help do some rakuing and a glaze demo at his Ceramic Services Open House workshop. Just to spend the day in such a comfortable shop, so well equipped, and in the company of such amazing artists and all their great demos gave me a "clay-heart-overload"...

We were lucky enough to sit at lunch enjoying Don Reitz and his wonderful tales of clay making, M&M's production, and loading his kilns. He is such an inspiration and full of energy. What a beautiful man.

Lenny is planning many workshops for all our different clay directions and the Ontario, California Ceramic Services shop will be the place to hold them.

Keep posted on this blog-page and we will be keeping you all informed on the "clay happenings" of galleries and workshops you won't want to miss. And as you read this, you may have just been to a great workshop and you want to share the pictures and details, send them my way w/attachment jpg's to Nancy Pené, and I'll post them.

Soon we will be putting my favorite video links of demo's that are up and coming and available, including some of my personal visions of the Raku process I'm using now, too. All in all, we just want to share the clay love.. cause "the work inspires more work." Thanks, and keep in



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