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As seen in the " Inland Valley Daily Bulletin" - Friday 19 November 2004
and in the " San Bernardino Sun" - Tuesday 23 November 2004



" typo error, Nancy graduated Upland High in 1970"


Old Studio in Cucamonga

Shimpo Wheels

(As seen in Ceramics Monthly, Sept. 1976 issue (inside cover ad for Shimpo Wheels)

Nancy Pené

CUCAMONGA   (1970 to 1980)         LYTLE CREEK   (1980 to 2003)

All my life, I've lived and worked hugging the famed Route 66 Foothill Blvd., at the base of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. The necessity to live always at the base of the mountains has become solid these past few years. It took the horrendous foothill fires of Southern California, the flooding and mud slides of my home, after 20 years, to get me out of Lytle Creek Canyon this past December (2003). It's funny how crisis has a way of clearing your mind, mine was, and it seems that everything I've done in my life, so far, has always been for the clay. All things accomplished so far have been to get to this point. Now, keeping equipment, dragging the kilns here and there and knowing what to keep going, because there could be a time when it will be needed, keeps me hoping that it is the right thing to do. Clay is a luxury, and now I appreciate it more than ever.

Like so many potters, I too have a collection of Ceramics Monthly's from the 1960's to date. The transition to now, has me wondering about many of the questions asked in the magazines. I've thought of so many reasons to inquire, and to share my personal stories about running a studio (in Cucamonga, before it was incorporated in the 1970's) on Route 66, going to all the studio parties held at the Claremont Colleges, rubbing shoulders with the icons of pottery.

Thanks to Ceramic Services portable kilns, my 14 cu. ft. raku kiln and my little raku conversion kiln. So now all things are portable. You have to think mobile in California, we are still waiting for the big earthquake. Maybe I should buy some velcro for the stuff on the shelves, just in case.

When sitting at my original old cone driven Shimpo-West from the '70s, and know that I am so lucky to have family and friends who have encouraged and supported my work in clay.

Archive sold pieces from Devore and Upland

MRV020   MRJ055   MRB011    MRV019A   MRJ069    MRV021   MRJ042   MRJ062   

MRJ059    MRJ057    SRJ045   MRJ064    MRB014   MRJ037   MRJ056    MRJ058   

MRV009   MRV010   MRJ031   MRV007    MRB006   MRJ038    MRJ033    SRJ020   

MRV011   MRB012   MRJ041    MRJ040    MRJ043    MRV006   MRJ024   MRJ022   

MRJ035    MRV012   SRJ017   SRJ037   SRJ028    SRJ010    SRJ011    MRJ039   

SRJ013   MRV014    MRB013    SRJ027   MRJ025    SRB001    MRJ034   MRV023   

MRV015    MRV016    LRJ002   SRJ044    MRJ044   MRJ013   SRJ038   MRB005    MRJ030  

MRB018   MRJ048    MRB010   MRB009   MRJ020   MRF002   MRJ061    MRJ045  

MRJ036    MRB015   

brain - SB001A    brain  - SB001B    brain - SB001C    brain  - SB001D   

Raku Plate - LRP002    Raku Plate - LRP003    Raku Plate - LRP005    Raku Plate - LRP004  

Studio in Cucamonga circa 1970 to 1980

Entrance to studio   Crispin Gonzalez   36 Cu Ft kiln  

Archive Paintings circa 1970 / 2001 - Not for Sale

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